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Nano Highbay

When it comes to warehouse lighting fixtures, no light comes close to the LED UFO High-Bay. UFO High Bays offer maximum lighting for minimal space requirements, and can light up industrial spaces from corner to corner. These warehouse lighting fixtures also provide the best lumen per watt output out of all of our fitting options.

What are High-Bay lights?
High-Bay lights are commonly used as warehouse lighting fixtures, and are suitable for ceilings ranging from 6-12 meters in height. When a ceiling is under 6 meters in height, Low-Bay lights are used.

High-Bay lights are very powerful, and can brighten up expansive spaces and cavernous buildings, making them ideal for the commercial and industrial sector. They can be seen illuminating workshops, factories, assembly lines, conference halls, event centres, large recreational facilities and gyms, but are most commonly used as warehouse lighting fixtures.

Benefits of High-Bay lighting
High-Bay lighting provides clear, uniform illumination with minimal glare. With the different optics available you can choose your beam to suit specific functions. High-Bays are particularly useful as warehouse lighting fixtures in this regard, as they can be used to effectively illuminate both the general warehouse space and high-rise shelves. LED High-Bay lights are a large initial investment, but are more cost-efficient in the long run as they are long-lasting and energy-efficient.

Our IP54 100W UFO High/Low-Bay packs 10000lm, and is a perfect lighting solution for medium-sized industrial areas. The beam angle is standard at 90 degrees

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