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Heavy Duty Floods

The smallest of our Heavy Duty range, the 100W CW Heavy Duty Floodlight comes with an impressive 13000lm at 130lm/W. The Floodlight is of coastal quality and is backed with 316 stainless steel brackets, bolts and screws.

Our 150W CW Heavy Duty Floodlight features our unique shark-fin heat sync design, which allows for excellent heat dissipation, reducing lumen depreciation over the years. This Floodlight is designed to light up large areas and comes with an IP66 Meanwell Driver.

Our 200W CW Heavy Duty Floodlight is one of our Flagship products, and is the most powerful luminaire that we currently sell. It features all the latest technological advances and comes with Phillips 3030 LED Chips, as well as an IP66 Meanwell Driver.

Due to the growing demand for and advancements in LED technology, PioLED is now able to offer our very own 400W CW LED Floodlight. It’s packed with 56000lm, and is the brightest product that we currently stock in the Heavy Duty range

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