Ceiling Panel Lights

Our LED Ceiling Panel Lights are flexible in design and super bright – not to mention cost-effective. They are perfect for indoor residential and commercial use, and come in different wattages, ranging from 40W to 65W.

Backlit Ceiling Panel Lights vs Edge-lit LED Ceiling Panel Lights

Backlit Ceiling Panels:
Backlit LED Panels are a cost-effective lighting solution to suit all budgets. Backlit panels are generally cheaper than Edge-lit LED panels as they require fewer layers to “direct” the light. They also require fewer LEDs as they are set at the back of the panel and are projected forward.

Edge-lit Ceiling Panels:
Edge-lit ceiling panels have the LED light source positioned on the sides of the panel, with light being directed to the panel surface through multiple light guides. Edge-lit ceiling panels are constructed with an aluminium frame and contain a PMMA Light Guide Board. Our edge-lit ceiling Panels have an optical system that delivers an even and smooth lighting distribution across the panel. The slim appearance of the Edge-lit Panel makes it an elegant lighting solution in offices, schools, hospitals and other facilities in the commercial and industrial sector.