About PioLED

Since inception in 2008, PioLED has consistently evolved in order to keep ahead of the latest trends in the LED industry. All of our products contain cutting-edge technology developed specifically for conditions found in the South African market. This focus allows us to maintain excellent quality, keeping us well and truly at the forefront of the LED market through unrivaled product offering and service.

PioLED Lighting, with its head office conveniently based in South Africa’s largest port of Durban, has the capacity for efficient delivery to all major centres within South Africa with an average national delivery time of 1 – 2 working days. Our staff in Johannesburg and Cape Town, will be happy to assist in any way possible should our clients need further technical information.

PioLED has a product for each and every individual based on their particular needs, whether it be conforming to a budget, or highly specific applications, we are sure to have you covered.

Our Mission:

To become the most trusted LED lighting supplier in South Africa through outstanding service and impeccable quality.

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